Sparks Sports Academy

Sparks Sports Academy is committed to introducing individuals with autism to sport, recreation and therapeutic sport programming. We supports sport for life by breaking down the financial, physical and social barriers as well as creating skills that will lead to future employment within sport and beyond

Our Sports program empowers individuals through access mountain climbing, providing them with the environment, support and opportunity to become physically active and focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. Programs are accessible to both children and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities.

All activities are run in a safe and supportive environment, allowing athletes to learn at their own pace. We pride ourselves on being able to change lives through the innovative sports programs we offer and the help we provide. Sparks Sports Academy paves the way by increasing knowledge of adaptive sports through training and coaching clinics and values the consistent support that we receive from our volunteers. We seek to remove barriers to adventure and learning by training athletes with a real sense of passion.

How we do it

The people here at Sparks feel that sport builds socialization, leadership skills, healthy growth and development for everyone, whether they have just acquired a disability or have been active all their lives. By providing access to a vast number of sports across the winter and summer seasons, we are opening doors to endless opportunities and creating new levels of independence for individuals with disabilities.

With a full range of programs, coaches, facilities and a great home base, Sparks is committed to developing athletes at the grassroots level all the way to the podium while encouraging participation in sport for life.